Brodie’s Law against bullying to be passed in Upper House today

BRODIE Panlock’s parents will be in Parliament today to watch a law being passed that could see bullies jailed for up to 10 years.

The bill, to be passed in the Upper House this afternoon, has been dubbed “Brodie’s Law” in memory of the bullied Hawthorn waitress whose death prompted the change.

Brodie’s father Damian this morning said it was a good day but more work needed to be done.

“It’s a good day but it’s not the end it’s the beginning,” he said.

“The next thing will be federal and if we can get Simon Overland to pull his finger about getting these bullies prosecuted.”

The changes to stalking laws will add serious workplace and cyber bullying to Crimes Act provisions already governing stalking.

Children who use Facebook to threaten or harass could be caught up in the change, although those under 10 cannot be brought before a criminal court.

Ms Panlock was 19 when she jumped to her death from a building in 2006 after being bullied at a Hawthorn cafe.

A court was told that co-workers abused her, spat on her, poured beer over her and held her down while she was doused in cooking oil.

When she first attempted suicide she was mocked for failing, then offered rat poison.

Her parents Damian and Rae, have been campaigning for changes to the law for several years.